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Millionaire investor Kevin O’Leary thinks NFTs could outdo Bitcoin

Investors worldwide have their opinions about crypto and its related technologies such as NFTs, Metaverse and…

Is the crisis in Kazakhstan affecting price of Bitcoin?

It's no secret that while Kazakhstan has seen a lot of 'crypto activity', it is negatively…

Aave launches Aave Arc, a permissioned liquidity service

Popular decentralized lending platform Aave has launched Aave Arc, a permission lending and liquidity service. Aave…

Bitcoin falls below $43K, what triggered it?

The value of bitcoin plummeted to lower than $43,000 today. This is the lowest it has…

Goldman Sachs Bullish on Bitcoin

Goldman Sachs seems bullish on bitcoin even though the price of Bitcoin in the recent past…

Bruce Lee Family Company to launch the famous actor’s first NFT

Bruce Lee is undoubtdely the most famous martial artist, actor and philosopher raging in the 1970s.…
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