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Atari to Launch a Crypto-Gaming Platform in the ETH-Metaverse Decentraland

Atari had launched a digital currency and announced plans to join Ethereum virtual reality game Sandbox…

PAID v2 Lucky 7 bonus for keeping the tokens for seven weeks

About a week ago, PAID network met with an unfortunate attack. An attacker exploited the network's…

OpenSea collector ‘pulls the rug’ on NFTs to highlight arbitrary value

"Neitherconfirm", A crypto artist had recently listed 26 NFTs on OpenSea's digital marketplace. After a while…

PayPal acquires Curv, a cryptocurrency security startup, for ~$200million

PayPal – one of the pioneers in the online payments space – may not be as…

Jack Dorsey to donate the proceeds from the auction of the first tweet to GiveDirectly

The first tweet on Twitter has been attracting a lot of bids on Valuables as the…

Wonder Woman NFTs fetching $1.85 Million at auction

After a terrific performance by NBA NFTs (Non Fungible tokens) that fetched millions at auctions, NFTs…

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